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An observation in search of more words

Product of some conversations and some reading and a movie: If the newspaper industry dies before it can fully reinvent itself, the death will be blamed on the internet. And to be sure, the 'net will share some of the blame. Newspapers were among the first things affected by our craving for all the information all the time with none of the cost.

But -- you maybe hear it here first? -- that will not be the only cause of death. Sharing guilt will be stupid management. That's stupid management that worried more about keeping very fat profit margins than about the tornado heading their way. And stupid management who couldn't figure out that paying good people crap wages ... and asking them to work in conditions that make it clear that you don't value them ... will mean you lose those good people to other places.

And, the subject of two recent conversations, stupid management that doesn't realize it takes PEOPLE and TIME to do the kind of work that attracts and keeps readers in 2016. Readers can find garbage writing and shallow reporting in far too many other places. They don't need to give their local paper $1 or so per issue for the same junk.

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