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House of the Black Cat

11 May
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Some random facts about Penshark:
1. I'm a college professor, a journalist and a lawyer. All three show up in my classroom.
2. That classroom is located at the university and in the program where I first learned journalism -- a fact which amazes and amuses me.
3. I don't believe you have to choose one path at age 22 and stay there forever. I wouldn't have predicted I'd become a teacher, but I wouldn't want to be doing anything else.
4. I've finally become willing to claim, in public, the title of "writer." It took longer than I care to admit.
5. I share a household with a computer wizard/biker guy who is convinced I can do most anything I want to try. We are allowed to live with the Black Cat whose photo is the default userpic for this blog because we can open cat food containers and the Black Cat can't.
Edit: We had to say good-bye a couple of years ago to the Black Cat of this blog's title. We now share the house with two cats who are, to quote our vet, "dilute black." (In other words, they're the Grey Fur Gang.) Their attitude toward humans echoes the Black Cats, although they're also more willing to admit we're good for petting them when they're in the mood.
6. I believe curiosity is generally a good thing.
7. I don't think money spent on books or music is ever a waste.
8. And I still believe the Buffalo Bills will win a Super Bowl. Someday.

If you enjoy what you've read here, thank you. And then consider checking out Web of Books on Facebook, a book group I created with Rini Paul, a friend from law school.

Other links of note (I'll add more later):
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